Hi Tiggy, i recently found out about you on tumblr, and i think your art is absolutely incredible. i was just wondering how much it would cost for a tattoo done by you, like what the minimum would be. And this may seem like a dumb question but have you ever tattooed a black person, because i was wondering would the ink show up on my skin and about maintenance and stuff. Anyways just curious. Hopefully, i have enough money to have you give me a awesome tattoo soon. xx Thanks.

Hey there lovely!

It’s better to email me your questions, tiggytattoos@icloud.com :)

However, if you think about tattooing in a similar way to drawing on paper with pencil crayons, imagine how the colours show up on dark paper compared to light paper. It’s totally the same deal when it comes to skin :)

I guess it depends on how dark your skin tone is really. Black ink would show up fine, but there wouldn’t be as much contrast between the ink and the skin, if that makes sense?

As another example -
I’m very pale but my skin as a slight olive tone to it. I’ve noticed that my tattoos I have, the blues come up a little more green because they mix with the slight yellowish colour of my skin!

So anyway! If you would like something done, we can discuss your ideas and prices based on that via my email :)

Hope I’ve helped xx

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You are beautiful and a lovely person with awesome talent! Ignore the haters honey, keyboard warriors ☺️

Thank you lovely :) It means a lot x

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In my 5th month of my apprenticeship under Kamil of Kamil tattoos.

Here are a selection of tattoo designs I’m working on for people. DO NOT USE under any circumstances. These have been designed specifically for people, do not ruin their chance to have an individual tattoo. Thank you :)

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Selection of recent tattoos I’ve done recently. I’m apprenticing under Kamil of Kamil Tattoos.

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The limits of my creativity since getting all 2nd degree burny a week and a half ago! Merry almost December :)

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A selection of tattoos I’ve done on fake skins

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Homework for Kamil.

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Tattoo cover up commission

the symbols are already existing on his arm. I designed the fish to go around them

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Little birds

Thinking about tattoo design and where to take it. These cute little Daemon like creatures would make cool tattoos. 

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